802.11ax Wi-Fi IPs: CEVA Announces Industry’s First 802.11ax Wi-Fi IPs

802.11ax Wi-Fi IPsDo you know that a new version of intellectual property (IP)  that is 802.11ax Wi-Fi IPs. it is a brand new version of RivieraWaves RW-AX family.it is Announces by CEVA.

802.11ax Wi-Fi IPs standard is the First Wi-Fi IPs as per the industry.The most important is it can targeting client devices, the infrastructure of the network and also the smart home.

802.11ax Wi-Fi IPs

Do you know that CEVA offers licensable 802.11ax Wi-Fi IPs standard solutions and as per industry CEVA is the first company launch this type of  Wi-Fi IP?It can Build on its market leadership in Wi-Fi IP.

You people already know that the demand for 802.11ax Wi-Fi IPs is growing and not only for one it is for both high-performance access points and low-power IoT applications.

CEVA is very happy for launching 802.11ax Wi-Fi IPs standard which can give their customers the most efficient solutions extending the low-power and high-performance RivieraWaves Wi-Fi family.

802.11ax Wi-Fi IPs

Nowadays smartphones, and smart home devices which rely or based on Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi spectrum has become increasingly day by day.As we that all people need it very much. This leads to below-par service and reduced bandwidth for users.But wifi service is very helpful for all the users using this types of smart devices and it making people smart. particularly in dense environments.

CEVA Announces Industry’s First 802.11ax Wi-Fi IPs

Most of the people do not know about the basic knowledge of Wi-Fi.Wi-Fi 802.11ax not only provides a minimum percent data rate improvements over 802.11ac but also much-needed innovations to aid spectrum efficiency and improvement of network capacity. These include the use of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) for bandwidth sharing and uplink Multi-User MIMO capabilities for more symmetrical data loads.

CEVA thinking about more update on this to improve it and Moreover, with the addition of other new features such as wake-time scheduling, this latest generation of Wi-Fi also addresses the needs of IoT and low power devices, offering greater efficiency and lower power consumption. As a result, 802.11ax Wi-Fi IPs standard in a slim 1×1 configuration is an ideal future-proofing replacement for 802.11n in ultra-low power IoT devices.For future CEVA can launch more important features of  802.11n in.


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