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Hey, everyone,

I am Pijush Kanti Dey.

I am glad you want to know more about me.

I am Founder of this blog.

I am currently working on my blog.

I started my blogging in the year 2017 from watching youtube videos.

I was sawing a video on the righthand side having the title “How to blogging”. I was like can we really set up a blog by using this video?

To my curiosity, I clicked that video and watched it till the end.

It was a video of my blogger friend Akash Gola who blogs at Chopnews.com

He nicely explained everything and started that day only I should start my blog.

I am inspired from one of  my friend Diptesh Kumar Bhakat founder of geeksacademy

So I started my blog on Job-Education and Technology. I am a very newbie this time I copy content from other blogs most of the time.

I know It is a big fail..!!

I started to learn more about SEO, WordPress and Blogging from Digitaldeepak

I contact and added many blogger friends on social media and start taking tips.

I am still a learner who wants to learn.

What is InstaPkd?

InstaPkd is a blog especially for those who want to learn more information about education and technology.


So I purchased this domain  from Godaddy

I have used  hosting for my blog such has Hostgator.in

What will you get from InstaPkd?

In this blog, you can read information about Education, and Technology

Or email me on- pijush@instapkd.com

Jump on read my posts on my blog.