How To Add HTML-JavaScript Code in Blogger [Widget Info]

Hello, friends in this article you will know that how to add HTML-Javascript code in blogger? We all are making a blog with blogger platform, right?

But after that, we need to make some changes like remove some stuff for example Navbar.

We need to add some stuff like Facebook Like Box or Type in Over Language Widget.

The benefits of making a blog are if someone has not any knowledge about coding but still they can make their own website and also design that.

Let you want to add something in the sidebar and you have the HTML code or you have the ad code that you want to add.

So for that, you need to add HTML-JavaScript code widget into your blog sidebar. This is a very simple task you can do it easily.


What is HTML/JavaScript widget?

HTML/JavaScript is basically a widget of a blog. We can add HTML-JavaScript code easily in our blog using this HTML/JavaScript widget.

HTML/JavaScript widget is like an empty box and has a text area. you need to put our HTML-JavaScript code here and press the save button.

By using this widget we can easily add and remove the code from our blog.


Importance of HTML/Javascript Code

The answer to the Importance of add HTML-Javascript Code is very simple. If you want to add some widget so that you always need an HTML code to do that. Now if you add some ad like BidVertiser ads in your blog in this case all the ad code is HTML.So add HTML-javascript code is most important for your blog, right?

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How to add HTML-JavaScript code in blogger

What is the process of adding HTML-Javascript code in blogger

Many people ask that making a blog is a very easy task, but how to design that blog. Do you know that the design of a blog is one of the most important factors? Many people they don’t know about coding but they can easily make a blog and sometimes they can do the design of that blog.

People can easily change the blog theme.


So let’s start and see how we can add a widget for our blog. Before that make sure that you have some HTML code for the widget and please copy that code.


Step 1: Go to then go to the Dashboard of your blog and then go to layout options.

Add HTML-JavaScript Code

After coming on a layout you can see the total layout of your blog. There have options Add a gadget.

Now where you want to add the code where you can click on add a gadget option.

Step 2:

After clicking the add a gadget button a new page will be open with having many widgets list in it. But we want to add HTML code so that we need to choose the HTML/JavaScript widget.

Add HTML-JavaScript Code

Step 3: Now after selecting the HTML/JavaScript widget a new page will be open.

Add HTML-JavaScript Code

  • You can give a title of your selected widget. If you putting ad code in widget then I will suggest you that don’t give the widget title.
  • If you have any type of HTML/JavaScript code then place this code inside the widget.


 After placing the code with correct form click on save button.


  • So friend now you can get the proper idea that how to “add HTML/JavaScript code” in a widget and how to add HTML/JavaScript widget. Now if you have any questions regarding this then please comment below. I will try to answer your questions.


If you have any question regarding blogging then ask me I will try to help you.

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