Adsense Crawler Errors : How To Fix For WordPress Page

Hi, readers in this post I will discuss Adsense crawler errors for WordPress post preview page.Wordpress post preview feature where we can see the post preview before publishing the post.

The main problem begins here the google search engine bot and Adsense page crawler bot crawls this preview page so that Adsense crawler errors problem occur. So if you are facing AdSense crawler errors problem then don’t worry. In this post, I will tell you how you can fix, avoid and remove this Adsense crawler errors.


You may know such things that WordPress is the best way to start blogging and Adsense is the best way to start making money from a blog. You can easily do Adsense ads placement by making a WordPress blog. But your Adsense account may be facing some problem for the WordPress post preview page crawler errors.


I will tell you that how to fix AdSense crawler errors. But for now, first of all, I want to tell you about WordPress page previews and Adsense crawler error so that you can understand better.


What is Adsense crawler errors?


“AdSense crawler errors” are similar to the Google crawler error. The AdSense crawler works like google, yahoo, bing search engine bot. This is like an algorithm that checks all the web pages of websites and decides the ability of the website to show the AdSense advertisement.


According to Google, Adsense crawler checks all the web pages of the websites on a regular basis.

It checked all the published pages and all the pages that are ready to publish.

If Adsense crawler index any webpage and if you will delete that page then the AdSense crawler error will show on that page.


You just need to fix AdSense crawler errors to save your Google AdSense account. Now if you don’t know about this type of AdSense crawler errors an here your first time listen about this error. Then you can check this error in your AdSense account.


You can go to AdSense account then setting >> status >> crawler errors then you can check the error. If you find any error then you can fix it by the process I will tell you later in this post. So that your AdSense account will be safe.

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What is WordPress post preview page?


In the WordPress platform, there have post preview page facilities. So that you can preview any pages before publishing it. You can find post preview option on the right sidebar while writing any post.


Now the problem is that this unpublish page is showing ads and that time it crawled by the AdSense crawler and then it will show the error.


Here is the example of WordPress preview page URL


When we published this post then the preview page URL showing page not found the error. So that Google Adsense crawler error problem. WordPress


Let’s solve this Adsense crawler errors problem

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How to remove AdSense crawler errors from WordPress preview page

The simple way to remove Adsense crawler error from WordPress post preview page is we need to remove the AdSense code from the WordPress post preview page. We need to do something so that Adsense crawler can’t crawl the preview page.


You can protect the preview page from the AdSense crawler with the help of robots.txt file. There already have a robots.txt option in WordPress.


If you are using Yoast SEO plugin then

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to Seo then click on tools
  • Now click on file Editor


Now you will see the robots.txt file editor. You need to add a code given below.


Disallow: /?p=*


If your site will affect by adding /?P word then you can try another one given below.


Disallow: /*preview=true


Now your robots.txt file look will be like this


User-agent: *
Disallow: /?p=*


If you are not able to do this method then you need to try the FTP method. After applying the method your AdSense crawler errors will be solved within 1-2 weeks.


If you are a newbie and don’t know about robots.txt then at first you need to learn about it and then edit it and apply all the method.


Robots.txt helps search engines to index all the web pages of your websites. So if you will do anything wrong then maybe your site will be hidden from all the search engine. So be careful about it before doing any changes with the robots.txt file.


I hope that this post will help you and also help every blogger. If you like this post then share with your blogger friends.

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