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In this post, I will share with you a totally different kind of part-time job that is Amazon Flex, It will really help you. In this post, I will tell you about it.

If you are a student or a working professional and if you get some free time that you want to utilize to earn extra money. Then it is possible, yes it is! if you have free time like 2 to 3 hours then you can easily earn some extra money by doing a part-time job and can earn up to Rs 15000.

What is Amazon Flex?

Basically, It is a product delivery service that hosted by Amazon. The service is freely available to join. Earn money by delivering the online order to your local area.

People who are currently working on Amazon flex they can set their working hours by their own. When you will be free for working with Amazon flex you can earn Rs.120 to Rs.140 per hours.

So that if you give some extra time for it and deliver the product in your local area you can easily make 15k per month.

How to join Amazon flex?

  • Make sure your Age should be 18+
  • Need a Two-wheeler
  • Android mobile with – Camera, Mic, GPS working condition.
  • Should have a valid driving license with all legal document.
  • PAN card is mandatory.

They will give you freedom no bound on time. That means when you will get some free time you can utilize it to make some good income sources and that will be an extra income. That you generate with your free time.

So here is no limit on time, work and get money according to your work time. This totally depends on you that how you will work.

Many of you may be thinking that you will be a delivery boy but you are the wrong don’t justify your ego before work otherwise you may fail.

Process of joining

  1. Go to the official website of Amazon Flex. If you are from India then go to this link – Amazon
  2. Now fill up the form given on to the site.
  3. After Filling up the form you will be redirected to another page of the website and make sure you download this app –  Amazon Flex App Download
  4. After downloading the app install the app in your mobile phone and log in. Here will get two multiple options either you can login with your previous amazon account or can create a new one.

Note – It is a brand new program launch in India. So, for now, it is only available in some cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur. But don’t be upset it will quickly launch in other cities also.

How to use Amazon Flex Money Making Program?

The uses of Amazon Flex is very easy. Here you can set the location and area where you can deliver the online packages. You can set time also when you will be free for work, so put your working hours in the app. After that, you will get notified about any product that will be delivered.

So I think now you get some ideas that what is Amazon flex India and how to use it to make money online?

If you have any doubt then follow the FAQ below that will clear your doubt. So let’s jump on it…

Amazon Flex FAQ

Amazon Flex reviews
Amazon Flex
Amazon Flex

If you have any doubt regarding Amazon flex then you can comment below I will definitely try to answer your questions.

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