Bandwidth Speed Test: What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth Speed Test: You people may be heard the term bandwidth or bandwidth speed test much time, so what is bandwidth, is it any software?So in this article, I want to tell you what is bandwidth and how it is useful.

Before telling that what is bandwidth or bandwidth speed test, one thing I need to tell you about the computer.How computers can communicate with each other.

When data communication held between two computers then we can not understand the whole communication process because the whole communication process is based on 0 and 1.

So here the high pulse is going through with the electric pulse.Here the high pulse is count as a 1 and low pulse is 0.Data transfer with the format of 1 and 0, that we all know about it.

Now bandwidth or bandwidth speed test is basically one type of frequency.Here are two types of frequency are also available one is lower level frequency and another is higher level frequency.

The unit of the frequency is called Hz. For example, your computer has 2.5 GHz processor, so here the 2.5 GHz is the frequency of the processor.

Bandwidth Speed Test:

bandwidth speed test
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Also, the frequency of the broadband is decided that how many data will be sent in how many time.Example, 4Mbps(Mega bite per second).Many people think about that if they increase the frequency of the bandwidth then internet speed will increase, but it wrong thinking.It is about bandwidth speed test.

Now see you can increase the bandwidth frequency but when frequency started increasing like 2.5ghz to 5 GHz then internet speed will also increase but the range will decrease.

Now the broadband gives their services with the long-distance area.They provide internet to many people with a very long distance.So at that time, they use low-frequency bandwidth to provide internet to more people.IF rage is low and frequency becomes high then internet speed is also very high.And if the frequency is very low and range become high then internet speed should be normal.So range and frequency are inversely proportional.If one increases then another will be decreased and if one will decrease another will be increased.

Bandwidth Speed Test

bandwidth speed test
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Difference between baseband and broadband:

Baseband: Baseband is one type of communication or data transmission medium, here data can communicate with a single path.

Here data will either send or receive in one time.It can able to send the digital signal over a single wire.Baseband is a bidirectional transmission.

Here the data sent as a digital signal which is either an electric pulse or light and can communicate with a single cable.

Baseband use Time-Division-Multiplexing(TDM), it divides a single channel or path into a time slot.

The speed of baseband is faster than the broadband.An example is Ethernet network.Local area network(LAN) are using baseband.

Broadband: In broadband, many connections are initiate together.So it is broad an like a road.broad means wide.

Here we can be transmitted many signals.Signals can send and received.It is not using the digital signal like a baseband.

In the broadband, we are using the analog signal.And we can use to cable here one is for sending the data and another is for receiving the data.

In broadband, the signals can either optical or electromagnetic wave. Broadband use Frequency –Division-Multiplexing(FDM), where multiple channels are used.

In broadband, the frequency should be very low due to long distance.

The above difference is basically about “bandwidth speed test”.

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