Best WhatsApp Marketing Software and Tools Reviews

I think you guys are not very much comfortable with the term whatsapp marketing software but it’s true this is one of the trending marketing tools nowadays.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

Nowadays maximum all big companies are using this marketing software of WhatsApp for different purpose like Customer support, product sales, promotion and lead generation.

So today I will tell you about top WhatsApp marketing software. So that it will be very helpful for you and your business and you can easily grow your business by sending whatsapp promotion message.

Did you know when was the company WhatsApp launched?I will tell you WhatsApp was launched in 2009 and till now many apps like it was launched but it was an amazing one and it grows so quickly and beat all the messaging  apps like Line, WeChat and now it is the top personal messaging application in the world.

Now WhatsApp has 1.2 Billion or 1 crore monthly active users.

When it was launched from that day till now it was used as a personal messeging app like images, videos sharing and receiving.

But previous year WhatsApp was launched its business feature known as WhatsApp Business App.Both are different apps. After launching WhatsApp Business App many marketers and developers are using this app for their business purpose.

WhatsApp launching this business app because many seller and buyer will be closed together and will make more business and WhatsApp will earn some profit through it.

Nowadays all businessman, customer, buyer, seller are using this WhatsApp business app for their personal messing.So they can easily advertise any product and sell any product using this app.Also, they use it to promote any product and services.

Did you know nowadays in 2019 WhatsApp marketing software has more conversion rate as compared to email marketing software.

Best Software For WhatsApp Marketing:

List of Top Free and Paid WhatsApp marketing software

Whappend Bulk Messaging Tool:

Whappend Bulk Messaging Tool is a paid tool. By using this tool you are able to send any text, phone, PDF or emojis to anywhere in the world.

By using this tool you can send messages to  many users in the same time with one single click.

If you are send messages to users with this whatsapp messaging tool then you should pay 0.0021 USD per message cost.

If you want to use this tool then login first with your email id and then connect with the Whapped dashboard by using a QR code.After that you can easily use this whatsapp marketing tool.

Remember one thing before you are going to use this marketing tool you should know all the terms & condition.By using this tool you can run a whatsapp marketing campaign.

WhatsApp Bulk Sender:

This is a complete mobile marketing tool.So in this tool you will get all the important features that will help you for mobile advertising.This marketing software gives two days free access to each new users.So that users will understand the total functionality of this tool like its working principle and take decision.

  • By using this tool we can filter all active phone number and can find active and inactive users.
  • We can send 1000 message instantly.
  • After sending all the messages now we can reply all the message and can make personalized message for all the reply.
  • We can send message with any format like it could be Video, Audio, Text, Images or any vCard.
  • This is a desktop application that you can download for any windows 7,8 and 10 operating system.
  • We can make multiple advertising campaign by using this marketing tool.

Webxion Mobile Advertising:

This is a mobile marketing service provider that provides WhatsApp marketing services.

If you are searching for a marketing tool that will help you for your business then this whatsapp marketing tool is one of the best tool for you.Here you will get phone number database, support and better conversion rate according to user interest.

  • This whatsapp marketing tool provide different types of advertising solutions like TV Ads, Radio Ads, Voice Ads an paper ads.
  • One of the best feature of this marketing tool is that it target mass audience for generate good leads for advertiser.

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WhatsApp Software:

This is also a Windows based WhatsApp marketing software and it is world best popular marketing tool.It have the same features like bulk sender. You can easily run an advertising campaign with 1000 active users and can track your sent messages.This is really a great tool.

  • In this whatsapp marketing tool you can create your own list and can segment them according user interest and make different groups for each segment.
  • You can set automatic reply to each group.
  • You can also attach any multimedia file including vCard.

Whatsapp Dominator Bulk Sender Marketing Software:

This is a desktop application so you can download it on any windows 7,8,8.1 operating system

This whatsapp dominator marketing software is a paid tool.The price of this tool is approximately $97.

But you can download and use free trial for two days.

  • In this app you can make multiple sender id and for that you will get full support and technical help.
  • In this app you will get Real time send and delivery notification.
  • This app will provide you Message tracking feature so that you can easily track any campaign and get all the details about conversion rate.
  • You can easily manage multiple whatsApp marketing campaign.
  • You can message, contact, id control from the admin setting.

Blaster bulk sender:

This whatsapp marketing software will give you free and paid two types services.

By using this tool you can send messages to unlimited contacts and can manage multiple campaign. If you are finding a tool for increasing your business sell then this tool is only for you.

WhatsApp marketing software
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WhatsApp marketing software pros & cons:

  • Whatsapp officially don’t declare any tools till now, that will use for marketing marketing purpose.
  • For business purpose it is used by using WhatsApp business API.
  • According to marketing purpose it does’t use so much for business.
  • By using this tool you can send bulk message that will be  very profitable for you.
  • But if you use it regularly then there have a chance to ban your sender id and number.

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So friends in this post you learn about Best WhatsApp marketing software.By using this tool you can try sales, promotion and lead generation.WhatsApp marketing will be one of the marketing features of digital marketing.

These whatsapp marketing tools will help you to make a good whatsapp marketing strategy.

If you you want to start a business over whatsapp marketing solutions then these whatsapp bulk sender tool will help you a lot these tools are whatsapp bulk sender free.

Even many bulk whatsapp advertising agency are already used this tool.Among these marketing tools some whatsapp marketing software open source.

This is a personal messaging application so that 99% people open mail on a daily basis.

You will get maximum conversion.

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