WordPress Vs Blogger: Which Is Better? Comparison 2019

As a beginner in the digital marketing field, it is compulsory to get confused for the best medium to start a blog like WordPress or Blogger.

When it comes to starting a blog, we have too many platforms…

  • Blogger.com
  • WordPress
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr

And many others….

Now in this article, I want to show you the difference between WordPress and blogger(WordPress vs Blogger comparison).

After that, you can decide which one is best when it comes to blogger vs WordPress as a platform for your site, and which one you will choose it totally depends on you.

I am just a medium try to show you the better way for your growth.

WordPress or BlogSpot: Which blogging platform to choose?

About Blogger — a quick introduction

Many you familiar with this term blogger, it is also known as Blogspot, Blogger is very useful and it is very simple to use. If you are a new person who doesn’t know the use of blogger platform but can easily understand the uses of the blogger.com.

When you want to start a blog and share your thought with the world at that time it is very useful.

If you think that you make it as simple and keep it simple and if you are not coming into blogging for money. Then the blogger is the best platform for you to do blogging in a simple way.

Blogger or Blogspot is the part of Google and it is a very good platform. If you are a beginner, a student and have not enough money to start a high-quality blog then this platform is only for you. Google blogger is free of cost for all.

But blogger has many types of limitations. You can’t do and implement all the facilities provided by another platform.

If you do blogging not for your showoff and you are serious about blogging and want to earn some money from your blog then the Blogspot platform is not a good choice for your blogging career.

As mentioned Blogspot is very limited as compared to other platforms. You can not build a high authority blog. You cannot add some extra features. You can’t build a brand of yourself through it. It also has low search engine visibility.

If you are thinking that Blogspot is a Google product which means it gives more SEO benefits.

But it’s not true.Seo(Search engine optimization) totally depends on how you customize your site, how you optimize your site. But SEO does not depend on any platform. You can use WordPress, Blogger, Drupal or any other, it doesn’t matter.

Blogger platform is very good if you want to just create a blog post and publish not for other reasons then google blogger is a great choice for you.

But if you want to make money from your blog post then I will recommend going for WordPress, it is awesome.

About WordPress — a quick introduction

WordPress basically provides us two different types of platform

  • WordPress.com
  • WordPress.org

WordPress.com is similar to google blogger. But WordPress.org is totally different. Now I am talking about wordpress.org

WordPress gives you a user-friendly platform.you have all the control to maintain your blog. You can do anything with all technical task, and do what you want. right.

A deep discussion about the Difference between WordPress and Blogger

WordPress Vs. Blogger

Here is the most important point of the comparison of Blogger vs WordPress.

  • You know that Blogspot or blogger is the part of Google so that your all data has stored in Google. If you have a Gmail account you can easily open an account with the blogger platform. Google gives you permission for open up to up to 100 blogger account with one Gmail account. Here you can’t access your blog server because it is Google property. Google can delete your account any time if they want, it is not happening as a regular basis but if they see some problem with your account they can do that because Google has this right. In this case, you can’t do a complaint on google.

But in the case of WordPress, it gives you a user-friendly platform. You will get a server whenever you buying a hosting plan. The hosting provider will give you the C-panel that you can manage.

You can manage all your database, you can share those data with any third party you can do whatever you want. when you start a blog or when you will stop it even if you want to sell your blog you can do it, all depend on you. You can decide what you want.

  • In blogger, there has some minimum number of functions that you can use like the theme is one of the most important options for a blog. It gives a design, basically, it is a temple that can give a front end view for your blog. But in blogger, you get some limited theme and you need to work on those themes. You cannot customize or edit those theme you can’t do a style to make your blog stylish.

But in WordPress, you will get a huge amount of free good theme and you can edit or customize those theme. WordPress has thousand of free theme inside it and all the themes have good quality. Even you can purchase a new theme which is not available on WordPress and can upload the theme and make your blog with good quality. You can design your blog according to your choice. You can make a professional blog with WordPress platform. WordPress is much better than a blogger in order to make a professional blog.

  • Google blogger is a limited platform, not an open source and user-friendly platform. So that it will give you some limited features through that you can build a blog, not your choice. You can’t add different types of extra features with your blog because the Blogger platform doesn’t support or gives you such types of facilities.

But WordPress is an open source and a user-friendly platform that gives you some kind of extra features. So that you can use those features and give your blog a professional look. WordPress gives you plugin facilities, you can use different types of quality plugin and increase your blog quality.

  • You know that Google is the owner of a blogger.com so that Google gives full protection to the blogger. So if your blog is the part of the blogger platform then your blog be under google protection, so you don’t need to take any tension. Anyone can’t hack your blog and also your blog will never go down. Blogger can control a huge amount of unlimited traffic.

In the case of WordPress, it is also very safe when you have a high-quality hosting and have some security plugin that your WordPress blog and your site never goes down. But if you have not a good quality hosting for your blog and security plugin then your blog is not safe and can be slow down any time. So at the conclusion, it is decided that a WordPress blog depends on hosting. In terms of security blogger, the platform is much better than the WordPress platform.

  • In blogger, google gives you some limited amount of storage space like 1GB. You can store the within this storage.

But in WordPress, you can get storage space based on hosting. what type of hosting you will buy its depend.here you can buy hosting with unlimited storage space then you can use space as much as you want.

  • In blogger, you can transfer the data to another platform. Sounds is too good but it is very difficult to work to do. The work is difficult and also it can affect your SEO(search engine optimization). The main point is your time and your hard work for making the blog for some months or year can be wasted. So be careful about all these points.

But in WordPress platform here you will get a Cpanel from hosting provider. You have many options in the Cpanel like you can edit or delete the part of databases. Here you will get a file name like Public.html and inside it, you get all your database file. So you can easily transfer the data from one platform to another platform. It is a very simple and easy task to do. So in order to portability, the WordPress platform is much better than the blogger platform.

  • Google blogger is a platform which has not come to an updated version since so many years. So don’t need to upgrade the blogger version.

In the case of WordPress, its new version comes repeatedly so that WordPress brings some new features all the times when a new update comes. WordPress is an open source platform so you need to enjoy with new WordPress features.

  • Search engine optimization(Seo) is a very important term for any blog or any website. Seo will increase the traffic of any blog or website. Seo can make a blog better from another blog. Seo can boost the ranking for search engine. Any Search engine like any website or blog base on the search engine optimization. Search engine believes your blog if you do SEO. You need to optimize your blog to increase the ranking and get maximum organic traffic from search engine.

In the case of a blogger, it is not an SEO friendly platform. It can help to SEO but not so much. You need to make your blog mobile friendly. Here WordPress is better it can help your blog for SEO. WordPress provides some important plugins for SEO that can boost your search engine ranking.

  • You can open a free Gmail account on google and after that, you can sign in to create an account on blogger. It is free google doesn’t take a charge from you. So that you can easily create your own blog through the blogger platform.

You don’t need to spend any money on that. As a beginner or student, I recommend please go for blogger. Because at this time many of you can’t spend your money.

WordPress.com is also the same as a blogger. But in the case of wordpress.org, you need to spend some amount on your hosting.

Here take a look at how different types of blogging platform look like…

Blogging is a very interesting part who love it. If you have a blog and want to do blogging it means that you want to give some value to your reader or your followers. You need to make a simple blog so that the reader can feel comfortable while reading your blog post.right.


After creating an account in blogger its look like this…

The above images are the first look of the blogger. At first google, blogger gives you a simple theme which is a default theme. But in the theme section blogger provides you different types of theme. All the theme is free, you don’t need to pay for it.

But if search on google there are millions of free and paid theme available on the internet, so don’t worry about it. You just need to choose the theme of your choice and make your blog more attractive so that visitor comes again and again to read your blog.

Blogger also gives you facilities for widgets but not so much.

Blogger gives you a monetization facility for your blog. You can monetize your blog through the Google Adsense platform.

What is a Blogger or Blogspot?

Blogger is a platform that is used to create a blog. Where you can share your thought, knowledge. Blogger is a free platform for blogging and this amazing free blogging tool is provided by Google. Blogger is a Google property.

Blogger features:

  • Blogger is easy to use. You do not need to have any technical skills to create a blog using a blogger.
  • Blogger is a free platform and you don’t need to pay anyone. Blogger doesn’t take a charge like hosting, domain, etc.
  • Blogger has a huge amount of free theme. You can use that theme. All templates are free to use. You can customize all the free template and give a better look to your blog. You can edit the theme like if you want to change some coding like HTML, CSS, javascript then you can do it.
  • If you are using blogger then you will get a special benefit from Google. You get free hosting with reliable and 99.99% uptime. This can’t give you any company. If you buy hosting from a company they provide paid hosting according to your budget. If your website starts getting too much high traffic then maybe your site will be slow down. But in the case of blogger, you don’t need to worry about these types of problem. If your site getting popular then you don’t need to change or buy a hosting. Google blogger can maintain al the problem.
  • Blogger is a Google product so it can be easily integrated with the other Google services. For example Google+, Google Places, Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, Picasa Web, Google Docs, FeedBurner, Picasa Creative Kit, Google Drive, Google Merchant, etc. You can easily do it through one Gmail account.
  • Many blogs have different types of securities problem. But if you are using blogger then you don’t need to worry about all these things because Google is the owner so google will be taking care of all these things.right.
  • Blogger gives you a domain name like if you choose your blog name ABC then your blog URL should be ABC.blogspot.com.right.Later you can purchase a domain name from any domain provider and link it to your previous blog.
  • If you are using blogger platform to creating a blog then google will index your blog very soon. Then you can get traffic from your blog post.
  • Blogger platform is easy to use and blogger interface is also very easy to handle.

How to take the backup of Blogspot?

If you take a backup of your blogger data and save it privately then in future you can download it and use it.

Now you are using blogger platform and after a long time, you decide that need to change your blogging platform from Blogger to WordPress or any other at that time you need you saved a backup file of your previous database. That will help you to restore the data


Here is the look of the WordPress platform.

In the WordPress platform, you can get a number of free themes and can design your blog as you wish and make it more attractive.

Outside the WordPress, If you do google you get an unlimited free and paid theme you can download all the templates from other sites and make a high-quality blog.

WordPress platform gives you different types of facilities like widgets, plugins. So that you can easily customize your blog. You can download different types of plugins. Plugins can help you to grow your blog. Maximum WordPress blog stands on based on plugins. Plugins play a very important role in WordPress.

How to take the backup of WordPress site?

Taking a backup of your blog is mandatory. Because if you don’t take a backup of your blog then In future if you have any problem then you can’t get it back. All your data will be a loss. If you take a backup of your blog or site then you have an option to restore this backup and you will never lose your data item.

WordPress:- Taking a backup of your WordPress data is very easy. You can easily do it. If you do it on a regular basis then you have not any problem in the future.

In WordPress, you have a hosting provider they provide you a Cpanel under it you have a database file that you can copy and keep a backup of it.

In WordPress, you have an option to take help of plugins. Many backup plugins are available for WordPress. Those plugins can help you to take a back on schedule time on a regular basis.

If anyhow your data will be damaged then you don’t need to recreate from the beginning. Just install the backup and you will get all your previous data.

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org:-

May you want to know about the difference between  wordpress.org and wordpress.com.

Here if you look at both one word that is WordPress is the same only the extension(.org and .com) is the difference.

As you are going to starting a blog or giving interest on blogging so you must be aware of the difference between WordPress.org vs wordpress.com.As a blogger or digital marketer you must need to know this basic knowledge. So let’s jump on it.

WordPress.com is a free platform like google blogger where wordpre.org is a paid and self-hosted platform.

At wordpress.org you can use it freely like you can upload a theme of your choice, you can customize the theme, here you will get full support of wordpress.org. In the other hand wordpress.com is very limited, you cant upload a new theme of your choice. You only use some basic features given by wordpress.com.

WordPress.org support plugin features, here you can upload any kind of plugin for a different purpose. But at WordPress .com here don’t support any plugin, you can’t upload any kind of plugin.

WordPress.org supports Google AdSense, you can make money through it. But wordpress.com doesn’t support any kind of ad provider like Google AdSense, so you cant making money through wordpress.com.

So here in the above section, I mentioned some of the important factors makes a difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com.I think that as a beginner to this field you must need to know the common difference about wordpress.org vs wordpress.com.

With the wordpress.org platform you need to purchase a web hosting after that you can host your own data files. You can increase your database limit. You can design your webpage with your choice.right.

This platform will help you in doing better SEO optimization. You can control all the SEO techniques.

You can get some awesome SEO plugin for WordPress.You can use them and increase your blog ranking with the search engine. Also, you can use some plugins that boost your SEO ranking.”Star Rating” is one of the best SEO supported plugin.

Advantages and disadvantages of blogger and wordpress:-

Blogspot Pros and Cons:-


  • If you want to create a blog only for share your knowledge then blogger or Blogspot is best for you.
  • Blogger is free of cost platform. You don’t need any money to start a blog.
  • If you don’t have any technical skills then the blogger platform is best for you.


  • Blogger has many limitations. You can’t do anything extra of your choice.
  • Blogger is not so much user-friendly.
  • Blogger is not comfortable for SEO. You can’t do proper SEO optimization for your blog post. You can,t Configure your blog in a proper way.
  • If you are doing blogging just to earn some money, build a brand want to make a frame then Blogspot or blogger platform is not for you. You need to change the platform from blogger to make a brand, a frame and of course for making money.

WordPress Pros and Cons:-


  • WordPress platform gives you full control over your blog, You can do what you want, WordPress has no limitation.
  • WordPress platform support plugins. You can download many different types of plugin and make a quality blog.
  • WordPress gives you some quality SEO plugin after that you can make your blog SEO friendly and increase your blog ranking.
  • Here you can host your own file. You can do what you want.
  • In WordPress, you can customize your theme. You can change the theme because the word press gives you the option to install many free themes that are inbuild inside of WordPress.
  • WordPress gives you an update and add some new features.
  • In the WordPress platform, you will get all of your database and files for buying a hosting plan.


  • WordPress has some securities issue. It is not so much secure. Most of the WordPress blog is hacked by a hacker. The WordPress security system is not so much powerful.
  • WordPress platform is not a free platform. If you want to make a blog using the WordPress platform then you need to invest some amount of money. You need to buy a hosting plan for your blog. Many companies provide a hosting plan, you can choose your budget.

Matt Cutts on Blogger or WordPress for SEO:

“Which is better in terms of SEO: WordPress or Blogger?”

Matt Cutts uses the WordPress platform for his personal blog


After you started working with the WordPress platform you can be a junior technical person because here all the task related with your blogs will be maintained by you. Sound is so technically right.

If you think what kind of technical task you need to do is that, You need to install WordPress on your own server, maintain your blog and also can do some little bit of coding work as per need.

As I mentioned that WordPress is the user-friendly platform so that you can learn a lot on your own from the community.

When you first starting with WordPress platform and you don’t know anything about it then you need to learn some basic knowledge about WordPress and how WordPress works?

You can learn by reading some blog post by expert.watch some WordPress related videos.

How to install WordPress on a server? How to add a plugin on WordPress?

Now I think that you get some idea about the comparison of WordPress vs blogger.

And if you think that having a blog makes it popular and want to make some profit through it then my recommend should go for self-hosted WordPress platform.

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