Cloud Computing Procedure:What is cloud computing?

Cloud Computing Procedure: Why we use the name cloud computing, many of you think that there have something in the cloud. But do believe that there is nothing inside the cloud.It is clean, and the weather is also good.

Evolution of Cloud Computing:-

Cloud computing definition:-

Cloud computing procedure means let think as an example you have a computer and you do normal work on your computer like creating a file, storing data, playing games etc.

You do this work on your computer very smoothly and naturally.

Now if you need to playing some high-end game or storing many big data or you need a software which is not yet installed on your computer but it is also high cost.

So if you want those either you can buy a new computer which is very powerful or buy those software and get a license and make ready a big setup.

If you have a high-speed internet and you take your friend computer as a loan and work for two computer by the internet.So the concept of cloud computing is like this.

But many people do not know they think that cloud computing is only used for store something as a data like Dropbox, google drive, one drive etc.

But cloud computing is much more from storage, you can get services from it, it has much application.

Cloud Computing Procedure

cloud computing procedure
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Cloud computing Services:

Many companies also depend on the cloud, suppose a company has one thousand employees, now all the employee’s data, companies data, different types of software and if all the data manage the company then the company need a separate dedicated unit, which should be costly.

But if the company make a deal with a cloud service provider to manage it all data.If you need to be scaled up in future for more data you can do it by cloud, If in the previous deal you used 10gb cloud storage and now you need 100 GB you can do it by cloud.

Similarly, in cloud computing, we can be scaled up or scaled down any things with very smoothly.But if you want to do it physically in your company, school, home then it should be impossible and very expensive.

All the online game you play using cloud computing.For that do not need a  high-end computer you need a high-end internet connection.

If you have high-end internet then you can play any high-end game, also you can use online photoshop, you can use the word, excel, powerpoint online. Online many software, storage, database management etc, these services you get through online.

You can do not need to access only form home or office, you can access it anywhere with your mobiles, tablets or laptop.So by reading the above, you can understand that what is cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Procedure

cloud computing procedure
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Many companies provide this cloud computing services, it can be a different field, maybe a different plan, it also has a lifetime, yearly, monthly, quarterly plans.You can use it as per your requirements, what is your need for a very low price.You can compare many cloud computing company and then take it.

If you use cloud computing service first of all your maintenance will be saved, you don’t have any tension.

If you store something in DropBox, it’s their risk how they manipulate the data, and how they store the data, we only see that our data is saved or not.Because we give them money for there working, so we don’t need to take any type of tension.

If in case of Dropbox have some problem, they also have some copy of the same data.

Google photo is cloud service for store photos.Google drive also does many types of work, we can use a word, sheets like excel, create a form, store file.

One drive by Microsoft and DropBox is also there for storing file and many types of cloud service are there.All the service make a cloud computing network.

In future cloud computing will grow very first and you can get many services that you can use through cloud do not need to store in computer.

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