Cryptojacking, Cryptocurrency Mining |What you need to know?

Cryptojacking, Cryptocurrency Mining:- Is your computer fan speed increasing?Or is your phone being very hot when you browse on the internet?So this article only for you.Maybe you are in the trap of crypto jacking.So read this article and know what is cryptojacking, how you can stay away from crypto jacking.Let us move on it.

All of you know that whatever you people work on the internet it is basically free.because you can move
to any browser and try to open different types of website.

Cryptojacking, Cryptocurrency Mining

cryptojacking it is basically a new concept in our technical people may also know about highjacking
.but hackers they use the power of your computer, laptop or your mobile for cryptocurrency
mining.they don’t need to attack your computer, laptop or your mobile, or don’t
need to send malware to your devices.Because all the main work was done by a simple javascript
code.Which is running on background?It depends on different types of websites, you can not
understand how the hackers are using the power of your device for their own work and also for
cryptocurrency mining.

All of you know about a popular website only for torrent known as The Pirate Bay.Here the pirate bay
was doing something like cryptojacking.The users of pirate bay feel and understand something after
few days that their CPU is controlling by someone and uses of the CPU increases day by day.

The Pirate Bay at least agree with that and said that they are doing those illegal work only for
testing purpose.Because they want to stop the running advertisement on their website.because they
want to give their user a clean layout of their website.For this reason, they use the user’s devices
power in the background for cryptocurrency mining.

Here the main problem is that load of the CPU is very high and running for a long time and also
electricity bill should be very high cost.Because if your device depends on battery power then its
a charge may empty quickly and need to charge it if you have a computer they draw more power from
it.are you comfortable with it.Either you give your privacy as a form of ads or give your computer

Hackers are planning something like it.Many reputed websites also available on the internet and their
daily traffic also very high.If hackers use those websites, basically they use the traffic for
their profit and also for cryptocurrency mining.

Bitcoin mining-Only using with some simple CPU power bitcoin mining is impossible.

Many other cryptocurrencies also available like monero mining is possible with simple CPU
power.Hackers are using those for cryptocurrency mining, bitcoin mining, monero mining called

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Cryptojacking, Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptojacking, Cryptocurrency Mining

How to stay away from Cryptojacking, Cryptocurrency Mining, Bitcoin Mining, Monero Mining?

When you go to any specific website like pirate bay or any other, you need to check some simple
things like your computer fan speed, CPU load, and you can check windows task manager and check the
CPU usage.
You can close the javascript code in your browser setting.You can use some extension like no coin,
and script block. You can do it for any browser what you use.You can use Tor browser.

“Cryptojacking, Cryptocurrency Mining”, bitcoin mining, monero mining all are the very new concept.All
hackers are using this concept and earn very big amount by the reputed website.


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