Difference between linux and windows operating system

Difference between linux and windows operating system

Linux is an operating system like Windows 7/8/10.now a question definitely comes to your mind that what is the operating system.

How operating system works

when you on your computer or laptop, you open different types of browser or player or an application like this,but if you think that it is a big work for you,then please comes on the truth,that these are some type of application which runs a specific task for you.you can watch video on any player or search something on any browser.

But behind the since there are many hidden works are happening, through which these types of application work done properly.the backend hidden works are done by the Operating system.The operating system manages your laptop or computer, how to use all the resources, maintain all the need of any application. operating system work as a mediator between software and hardware. now take a common example–

you in a big building, where many employees do their work themselves,
here the employee is basically applications which do their specific work, But how to run the building, is there has any electricity or not, have water or not, canteen open not all these things are managed by the operating system.For this reason, the applications do not think about how to run the backend work.what they need are provided by the operating system.

difference between linux and windows operating system

How to Linux operating system comes in computer world

In 1980 os was not available at this time.if you want to create an application or game then you need to write code your won, After that, you can run those applications, and those applications basically act as an operating system.you cannot copy the application, it was not run any other computer.At this time a new os was released known as CPM and a company IBM think that they would work on it, but it was not happening.At that time one boy writes an os code and help IBM.The Operating system was known as DOS, and the developer boy was Bill Gates.After that create windows and different versions of it, and windows became a world famous Operating system.We discuss below the ‘difference between Linux and Windows operating system’

After few years some developers think that windows are closed source and generated ideas for creating a new OS which will be open source any types of work would be done by the OS.then a small developer team creates an OS was known as LINUX.
Now Kernel is the most important software for operating system and also a part of OS.It includes all types of os(like; Windows, Linux, IOs).Linux kernel is communication medium of software and hardware.It allocates all the resources for the applications.Many different types of an application built on it.For this reason, we can see the different      Linux version provided by many Linux distribution company like

  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • Kali Linux

Linux is available as different packages like this.
Most of the big company like youtube, twitter they use Linux based server because it is….

  • less expensive
  • more efficiency
  • Tight secured

difference between linux and windows operating system

difference between linux and windows operating system

difference between Linux and Windows operating system

windows os is the perfect example of a closed source operating system.
Linux os is the perfect example of an open source operating system.

windows os is very expensive.
Linux os is free or less expensive.

Windows is not properly secure.
Linux is very secure.

if we installing windows need a serial Key for Activate.
But, for Linux doesn’t need any serial Key.

windows support .exe file.
Linux does not support .exe file, so it is basically virus free.

Windows has huge numbers of application.
Linux has less number of application.

Windows support all types of pc games.
Linux is not suitable for games.

windows os is suitable for the video editor, audio editor, photographer, gamer etc.
Linux is suitable for programmers, hackers, and developers.

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