how to download youtube videos in mobile directly

how to download youtube videos in mobile directly

Nowadays youtube is basically one of the major parts of our life because, in a reality, if we need to know anything about whatever, what we will do that go to youtube and search what we need by typing keyword.and they watch video online or they can download the video for better use of it. we can do also download and save videos directly from youtube, youtube is a world biggest platform of videos.anyone can upload the video here, but don’t need to pay anything for this.The upload and download facilities are absolutely free.

In today’s life, most of the people in our world use mobile we all know that youtube is one of the most important video application which is available for all the smartphones.what people do that they go to google and search how to download youtube videos in mobile directly, but sometimes they don’t find the actual right answer what they want, so for that reason, I am writing this article about free video download from youtube.

According to research we know that video download from the youtube is a very big problem in our daily life because maximum people do not watch online, they did not like this, they want to download the important video and want to watch online.some of people do not know that how to use youtube video downloader or online video downloader, which is basically a software used for computer.people want to free video download from youtube without any type of application install on their mobile phone.

So, for this reason, we decide to solve that how to download from youtube

download youtube videos in mobile directly —let’s go

Open youtube into any browser inside your mobiles (chrome, firefox, opera, safari).

download youtube videos in mobile directly

After that, you need to choose which video you want to download.

After the open of the video page go to the URL and now you need to add “ss” before youtube into the URL.

download youtube videos in mobile directly

Now, look at the URL very carefully, if the “ss” is a small letter or not, because it is very important for download the youtube videos.

After doing this task you need to refresh the browser whatever you using or go to the new URL.

Now you come to the new page

download youtube videos in mobile directly

In this page, you see the download button and beside the download button look at the video size and choose which type of video quality you need, you can click on the size to select.

download youtube videos in mobile directly

Now you click the download button to download the video and check your download folder whatever the video is being started the download or not.

After doing all these things if you look at the download folder and if the video is not downloading, then go to the top of this article and read all of these rules very carefully and apply with this method.This method really works friend trust me, I think now you should be the success of your work.




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