Firmware Meaning : What is Firmware Defination?

Firmware Meaning: You definitely know about software and hardware, but many of you don’t know one important term that is “Firmware”.

We know that those things that we can touch like Keyboard, Mouse, CPU,  Speaker, Monitor are one types of hardware.

All those things that can not touch like windows, word excel, powerpoint, photoshop are one types of software.Softwares are running with the help of hardware.

If we take an example of hardware and software, then we relate to our computer, laptop, mobiles etc.

But we forget many types of electronic devices like a microwave oven, washing machine, wifi router, digital watch and a basic example is the remote of your television.

You always think that all are hardware which is running with a click on a switch.

But sometimes you cannot see many things like a display unit and there has a controller that work on it, for that you can complete your work.

Firmware Meaning: What does firmware do?

Firmware Meaning
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If you set a timer in the washing machine it shows you the time and when it can stop.

Your normal digital watch shows you the date and time.When you control your television by a remote it works on many switches but the main work should be done by an inter-controller inside your remote and television.

There is maybe having a software which runs on a hardware but you cannot interact with it or maybe some time you can interact with that software.So this software is called firmware.

Firmware is basically a part or a type of software coming pre-installed with it from a software factory for working better.It defines the core functionality of a software.If you make any changes to the software then its functionality can be changed.

Firmware Meaning

Firmware Meaning
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Normally you can install a software in a memory and you can uninstall and delete it as your choice.But the firmware is also stored in a memory which you can not access.It is stored permanently so the device will work better.

what is the firmware update?

In the above paragraph, you can understand the firmware meaning.Now you may also be heard about firmware upgrade.We can not upgrade the firmware in the past, but after coming to the internet we think about the firmware upgrade.

It is one type of software update.Example:- A company create a software and they think that some improvement needs so they do upgrade, like add some more important features and change some functionality.

It is easy to think let see an example:-  you have a monitor you know it is a hardware, but here also have a software which is running on the hardware.

Which causes it manages all the input and output.It also has a firmware who control all the settings and all the basic changes.Firmware makes the system into an operational form, therefore, you can work an use it.

There are two types of Firmware, one is a very low-level software use with the hardware and sometimes it has some problem on hardware.and one is high-level software which you can normally used but all the works done by the internal firmware.

Firmware hacking:– In the above paragraph, you can understand the firmware meaning and the firmware update, now you can learn about firmware hacking. Sometimes it also happens.If you know that before some time ago in the USA there was hacked some security cameras.

Now you think that if there had only hardware then how anyone can hack the hardware.So its mean that there was some firmware inside the cameras and some firmware may have some problem so that it could be possible to hack.

Firmware is one type of piece if software that defines the core functionality of the hardware.It is very important.You can upgrade or downgrade a firmware as per your requirement.

But it can not do by a normal user, it is possible by the manufacturer company who make the hardware or software.

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