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What is Google lighthouse SEO tool? Learn how to check the SEO score?

Hello, readers today’s post will be is very new and interesting. In this post, I will tell about google lighthouse SEO tool. What is google lighthouse SEO tool, how to use it and its important features, The importance of this tools why the user should use this lighthouse tools? I will discuss all the details with you guys.

So, friends, this tool is basically for webpage audit. We can use this tool for auditing any webpage. By using this tool we can check the SEO score, page performance, usability or accessibility of our web pages. In the year 2017 Google IO was mentioned about this tool. So if you want to know more in the details about this google tool then read this post till the end.

Here I will teach you that how to use google lighthouse tool, how to install it, how to set up all the setting. I will tell you complete details about this tools with images, so don’t worry.


What is Google lighthouse tool?

Basically, Google lighthouse SEO tool is a Google Chrome extension. This is a Google product. You can only use it through the google chrome browser. It is an open source SEO auditing tool and Google developer can use this as per what they want. So that the latest update of this tool will come at any time and you can download the latest version of this tool.

You know that this is an SEO tool that is come up with an extension. Now you can download this on your google chrome browser and can easily access it. This Google lighthouse tool is work as an SEO audit tool. So that many bloggers called this tool as a Google lighthouse SEO tool. This tool is a Google product so you can expect the best service about this tools.

Here is the video in this video Google developer gives an ultimate guide about google lighthouse SEO tool.


Benefits of Google lighthouse SEO tool

You may know that every product and services of Google are very helpful. Like that this google lighthouse SEO tool will be very helpful. Many bloggers, who doing blogging very seriously they will get some benefit from it. This SEO tool is free of cost. You don’t need to pay anyone for using this tool. So let’s go and see what are the some most important benefits of google lighthouse SEO tool.This is one of the latest technology made by google.

After creating a blog or website you must know the webpage score of it. After installing the Google SEO tool in your browser you can know the webpage score of your website, your competitor sites or anyone sites.

After you have to know the webpage score of your website. You can check website performance of your website. If the performance of your website is not good then you can solve it by optimizing your websites.

Seo is one of the most important factors to rank on any search engine. So by using this tool, you can know the SEO score of your websites. If the SEO score is not so good then must need to improve your website or blog Seo for rank better in the search engine.

This google lighthouse tool is very helpful to improve your website SEO. By using this tool you can know the mobile usability of your sites. Now if your web pages are not suitable then you can improve it quickly.

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How to install google lighthouse tool

This Google SEO tool is only available for google chrome browser. If you already have a google chrome browser then you don’t need to worry about this.

If you have not chrome browser in your system then at first you need to install a Chrome browser in your laptop or computer. After installing Chrome browser in your system go to google and type google lighthouse tool in the search bar. Now you will see too many results but click on the very first result.

Google Lighthouse SEO Tool

 Download Lighthouse Extension

Now after that click on Add to Chrome button to add the extension in your google chrome browser.

google lighthouse chrome extension

Now you will see an add extension popup on the screen and click on add extension button.

google lighthouse chrome extension

After installing the extension you can see it at the corner position of google chrome browser.

google lighthouse chrome extension

Now click on the extension and you will see an options button and click on this option button. So that you can set up all the options as your choice.

google lighthouse chrome extension

In this extension there have another button right side of the option button called generate report.

Now go to any of your website or blog and click on generate report.

google lighthouse chrome extension

After click on the generate report button, the report of your site will be generated. You will get the complete report of your blog. You can check the images to better understand the working process of the Google SEO extension.

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Here is the top five result you will show

  1. Performance
  2. Progressive web app
  3. Accessibility
  4. Best practice
  5. SEO

This SEO audit report of a website is published by Google lighthouse too.

Here you will see the SEO audit report for

Google Lighthouse SEO Tool

Performance – 12%

Progressive web app – 31% 

Accessibility – 52%

Best practice – 67%

Seo – 100%

This is not a good report for my site and I need to do some changes to improve my site performance and SEO score.

In this tool, there have many options to show. Here you only have seen some options that I was chosen. But you can choose many as you wish.


Google lighthouse tool will show you the error and suggest you that what you need to improve in your site.

Some Sample of Google Lighthouse SEO Tool


In the report, the word performance means how well your website is going on. Normally any website performance depends on its page loading speed. If you have a website with high loading speed then your visitors don’t wait for your site they will choose any other and your site ranking will be decreased. So at that time, you need to improve your site loading speed.

google lighthouse chrome extension

Progressive web app report:


the progressive report is also very helpful. It is one of the facts of SEO auditing.we can know some internal facts of any website through this progressive report. We can know about appearances like the theme, color, network, and website server and its response time. I will share my progressive report with you guys. Here all the red color are showing that it has an error. This Google app will suggest that how you can fix this error. The progressive report without any error is better for your website. So make sure that you need to create an awesome site with no error then your site will be rank better in the search engine.

Google Lighthouse SEO Tool

What is accessibility Report:

In this accessibility report, you will get the suggestion for coding issues in your site. That means if your site has any issue related HTML/CSS then this tool will show you some error. So make sure that first, you need to fix all the issue related to coding. Best SEO score will be better for your website and your site will be rank better on any search engine. So be careful about these terms.

google lighthouse chrome extension

Best Practice Report:

In this report, you will get suggestions for scripting error. If your site has any type of scripting error then it will give you some suggestion. Scripting error means Jquery or JavaScript error. Don’t worry about suggestion because Google developers and GitHub developers will give you the suggestion based on your SEO report. After getting some suggestion from the topmost developer you can fix all the error and improve your website.

google lighthouse chrome extension

SEO Report:

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most important factors for ranking on a search engine. We can get all the information on page optimization for our website. If your website SEO score is very good then it will show the score with green color. If not then the tool will give you some error and also show you the suggestion for these errors. So that you can solve all the error and make your site an error-free site and increase your site SEO score.

Google Lighthouse SEO Tool

If your site score having 60% for all the report without SEO score then this score is better for your site.


Nowadays in 2018, Google is one of the biggest company in the world. Maximum people of worldwide are using Google and its services. Google has many services and maximum services are free to serve. So in this SEO and digital marketing world, many bloggers are using a different kind of services of Google. Every product of Google is very helpful for bloggers. Same for google lighthouse SEO tool. This is a free tool and it will be very helpful for every blogger.

If you are going to download this tool then do it and check your SEO score and don’t forget to comment your score.

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So friends in this we are learning about google lighthouse SEO tool, its benefits, and uses. If you get some benefits and learn something from this post then share this post with other blogger friends. After reading the full post if you have any problem regarding this google lighthouse SEO tool then comment your doubt below and I will try to answer.

 Download Lighthouse Extension


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