Google Pixel 4 Smartphone 2019 -Tweet By Google

Google pixel this one name is so popular nowadays in the mobile world.Because this one-pixel series smartphone creates Encouragement between peoples. The popularity of this google pixel 4 smartphone is growing day by day.

Here the leakage of the latest Google smartphone photos is very strange. The same was held in previous years, Google pixel 3 smartphone pictures were leaked. all the company wants to not showing the picture of any product before the launch because they want to give some surprise to their customers. Only, for this reason, they increase the securities.

Google Pixel 4 Smartphone Picture

But here Google plans something cool and difference for their new upcoming mobile pixel 4.Google published all the latest and new pictures of pixel 4 at their twitter account. They tell that the launching of pixel 4 will be a big surprise that they want to give their customers.

Somehow you may see the dual rear camera on pixel 4 smartphones. A flash and ledger autofocus lens also you will get. But one thing no one can understand why Google wants to leak their won product and what they want from it. For knowing the truth we need to wait till this October.

The reason may be anything but the popularity of pixel 4 smartphones increasing and it has become a trending smartphone.

Now, what do you think about this new Google pixel 4 smartphones? comment your thought below.

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