How social media makes us unsocial

How social media makes us unsocial

How social media is ruining your life

Nowadays all social media earn lots of money, standing on an important formula also known as time is many times you spend on social media you will see different types of advertising, and they earn money on those advertising.

Many of company hire attention engineer, their target is human psychology, they develop an algorithm for which we will spend our time on their apps or website.all the company spends millions of dollar only for your attraction on their products.

If you searched any product on any online shopping sites, they will show you the same products on social media what you search before.

Do you know how many people use social media? If you noticed that for last few months we see more videos than images because of spending time limit is maximum.

When anyone likes or comments on our post at that time we are going to very happy, the reason is a chemical generate in our brain called “dopamine”, for that we feel better.

As we know that if we follow a routine regularly, it becomes a per Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam “You cannot change your FUTURE, you can change your HABITS. And surely your HABITS will change your FUTURE”.

Now you need to think that for social media habits, what is your future? We can not focus on things for a long time due to use of multiple social media cause we become what we repeatedly do.

Use of social media our confidence levels becomes low for fear of missing out(FOMO).maximum use of social media grows down our social skills.Inside of social media post, some are useful and remain are usefulness.
social media can not better our real communication.But we also know advantages and disadvantages of social media and How social media makes us unsocial but we can’t-do anything, just use social technology.

how social media makes us unsocial


How to get rid of social media addiction?

Maximum people don’t know that how to use social media perfectly.They don’t have any aim, only to scroll down and read all the news of others life story.

They think that these are the main work of social media, for example, photo post, like, comment etc.their aim is not properly clear.

If you scroll down again and again and see all the old topics but don’t leave the mobile or computer, then it is clear that you do not have any other work, you people don’t know How social media makes us unsocial.

One side it also has advantages of social networking or positive effects of social media and another side social networking sites making us antisocial
If you don’t want to uninstall or deactivate all of your social media accounts(like Facebook, Twitter) then please turn off the notification.

when you spending your time with your family then do not use it.follow only important people, from what you can gain more knowledge.

How social media makes us unsocial

How social media makes us unsocial

1. Time waste – Time is a very beautiful word. It is a very small word but, we can not explain its meaning with some sentences or word.It is a most valuable thing in our life.once the time is gone don’t come back when your time has come do not misuse it by using or thinking about social media because social media makes us antisocial.

2. Self-Esteem – What you think about yourself, your own EGO, by seeing images or many things of many people, you make a wrong image for me, but the reality is that life of all people is normal.

3. Social Skills – normally when we talk to anyone what is to come a.body language b. Eye contact c. smile

  •          Body language
  •          Eye contact
  •          Smile

As we know that social media is connecting the world, but it is just connecting us with strangers and disconnecting us from our loving ones and actual friends.

4. Fear of missing out– many people think that if they are not active in social media, people will forget them.
what you missing out–a.unnecessary gossips b. dressed photos c. selfies d. comment. now all the points which are not necessary for real life.

How social media makes us unsocial
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How to control misuse of social media 

  • chat once or twice a month
  • change pics every 3 to 4 months
  • limited usage

If you want to know more about this then go to How social media makes us unsocial | Allison Graham | TEDxSMU

At last one thing must remember You don’t need to prove yourself depending on comments like .you are also stunning and gorgeous.






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