How To Buy Bluehost Hosting With A Free Domain?

In today’s post, I will tell you all the details of how to buy Bluehost hosting, so that when you will go for buying it you can get a Free domain with it right!

Bluehost is a very popular and good web hosting company.WordPress also preferred to use Bluehost hosting services. The best part of this company is it gives free domain along with the hosting. So let get started how to buy web hosting with a free domain from Bluehost web server -step by step guide (with screenshot) 2019.

Many bloggers buy hosting from unreliable hosting companies and after a few day’s they get the results of there hosting server and try to move the server from bad one to a good one.

We need to buy good reliable hosting from the first day of starting a blog.So that I always recommend and tell you about officially recommended WordPress hosting means Bluehost hosting.

After buying the hosting server from Bluehost you will get a free domain name and a free SSL certificate along with it.

Bluehost company will save your money and it will help you to set up your WordPress blog from one place.

Before getting started you need some following elements

1. Domain Name

A domain name is your website name. it is the online address of your website.

People can reach your website with this domain name.

When you buy a hosting service from Bluehost you will get one domain name with free of cost.If you have already a domain name then you also can use it with your new server right!!

If you have not to think yet about your upcoming domain name then this is the time you need to think about a good domain name for your web site because the domain name will be your website name and maybe it will become your big companies in next few years so think carefully before selecting a domain name.

2. Payment Mode

You just need a credit card or debit card or a PayPal account to buy a web hosting. This will help you pay the fee of your hosting packages.

If you don’t have such type of payment method for pay the amount then you can easily use the credit card or debit card of your family or friends card for buying a hosting service.

How to Buy Web Hosting with a Free Domain from Bluehost

Here I will tell you a detailed guide about buying a web hosting from Bluehost with a free domain name for your WordPress blog.

So read carefully all the guidelines of it.

To buying a web hosting, first of all, go to Bluehost home page and click on the “Get Started” button.

buy Bluehost hosting

After that, it will redirect to another page and it will show you four different types of hosting packages. So here I will tell you with a short description of all the plans.

  • Basic Plan: Here you can host only one website.
  • Plus Plan: Here you can host more than one website.
  • Choice Plus: In this plan, you will get all the benefits of the plus plan with domain privacy and site backup.
  • Pro Plan: In this plan, you will get all the benefits of the pro plan along with you to get dedicated IP Adress.

Now need to select the right hosting plan of your choice. I think Recommended plan choice plus plan will be best for you.

Here You can run many websites and it gives you good performance.

Now click on Select button.

buy Bluehost hosting

After selecting a Web hosting plan you can take the free domain name from Bluehost or can use another one if you have right!!

Step 1: Choose a new (free) domain name or use the previous one.

Add your domain name in the given box and then click on the next button.

One thing you need to remember that if you have a previous domain then you can choose the new one later.

If you take the free domain later then you only need to contact the Bluehost support team and they will solve your problem.

Now if you are using your old domain then first go to the domain registration site from where you take your old domain and change the domain name server(DNS) from domain setting.


After you change the name server it will take 24-48 hours to change the DNS record point.Remeber during this time period if you want to change your name server again then your site server may be down.

Step 2: Fill All The Details Of The Account Information Page.

After adding the domain name the account information page will be open that you need to fill up with all the correct information.

buy Bluehost hosting

In this form, you will give some information about yourself like name, address,email-id, contact number.

Read all the information before you save it because all the details of your Bluehost hosting plan will send on your given email id.

Step 3: Choose the right Hosting Plan.

In this part, you need to choose the right hosting plan for your blog. So this part will be very important for you. Follow all the step very carefully.

In this section, you need to select a time period for your hosting plan. Here you can choose 12,24 or 36(1-3years) months hosting packages.

If you take the maximum time period for your hosting plan then you will get a big discount from the hosting company.

Here If you choose 36 months packages then Bluehost will give you up to 66% discount.

If you have not the budget to buy this then you can also choose 12 or 24-month packages.

Here you can avoid all the extra features.You can Unselect “Site Backup Pro” or “Sitelock Security” features if you don’t need.

buy Bluehost hosting

Step 4: Add Payment Details.

This section is for payment you can add your payment details. Here you can see the default payment method is credit card but you can choose another one when you click on More payment options link get Paypal payment option.

buy Bluehost hosting

Step 5: Complete Your Hosting Purchase.

After adding Payment information tick on the “Terms and policy” and then you need to click on submit button.

buy Bluehost hosting

After completing the purchase you need to set a password for your Bluehost hosting account.

After choosing the password you will get a mail on your register email id.

In this mail, you will receive the login details of your cpanel and confirm link.After clicking the confirmation link you will redirect to your Bluehost hosting cPanel.

Congratulations,Now you complete the whole process of buying Bluehost hosting.

Now install WordPress on your Bluehost hosting.

How to install a WordPress blog on Bluehost hosting? I will tell you in the next post.

If by mistake you don’t like the Bluehost hosting services then you can request for refund.Bluehost gives 30-day money back guarantee.

If you cancel the hosting plan before 30days you will receive a 100% refund.


This is the process of how you can get a free domain to purchase a.If you have any problem or facing issues during the purchase of Bluehost hosting then feel free to comment below.

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Bluehost hosting company provide WordPress hosting.Wordpress also recommend it for providing the best WordPress hosting.Wordpress hosting is best for new bloggers.

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