How To Disable Google AMP From WordPress Blog

Are you using google amp inside of your blog? If you are facing some issues for this google amp and if you want to disable google amp from your blog then you are in the right place.

Google amp disable is a very important part. In this post. I will tell you that how to disable google amp from your blog with proper screenshots.

accelerated mobile page(AMP) project is basically an open source initiative. This project was started by Google for providing better services to mobile users and increase the mobile user experience.

Google AMP implementation is not a very easy task to do. When you are going to install the Google AMP plugin and after installing the plugin it will start working inside your WordPress blog.

After implementing the AMP plugin you will get so many issues inside of your WordPress blog. You cant remove this AMP plugin by doing deactivate or delete.

If you are going to remove this AMP from SERP(Search engine results page) then it will take some time to remove it. Sometimes you need to do no-index for this.

Before you are going to disable the google amp you should know that how the Google amp works properly, the working principle of google AMP any this is very difficult to remove from google search result, right. So let’s start.

How does Google AMP work?

when a beginner blogger knowing about google amp they quickly start working on it. As a beginner, they think that after installing some plugins their blog speed will be increased and site ranking will be improved. So they implement anything like Google amp.

When you enable Google amp in your blog it creates amp pages for all the pages of your blog. Google AMP use a link (rel=”amphtml”) for all pages of your blog.

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When a user browses our blog at that time those pages will be open that was created by the link(rel=”amphtml”). Same time different types of the sign will be open.

You’re all the pages will be transferred into an AMP version by using this rel=”amphtml” code. The google AMP plugin start indexing all the pages into google search result.

So think about it if you want to disable google amp then what will happen. The same amp pages will be open after uninstalling google amp plugin.

Because all the amp pages index in google search till now.So that if any user visits our pages the same amp pages will be open.

Enable or disable of google amp is not very much easy. But it will be easy if you will follow some important rules and implement them in your blog.

Now you can easily check whether your pages are amp pages or not. Look at the link given below and I think you will be able to understand the basic difference between pages and amp pages by following this link.

  • (accelerated mobile pages examples).

If your page has amp version then this type of link will be open for any pages and these pages are completely AMP optimized.

If anyone opens any post with AMP version then it will be the lightweight and extra post, widgets, the comment box will not be present anymore inside a single post.

Also, push notification will not work. So different types of issues will be available in an AMP page.

Why do we need to disable the Google AMP?

I was using the google AMP in my blog for a few days. After using this for a month I feel irritated. After using google AMP I was facing so many issues. After some time I decide to disable the google amp from my blog.You can face problems with google amp but dont worry.

What is Google lighthouse SEO tool?

If I asked you a question that why you doing hard work in your blog?

Its have two answers, right.

  1. You are a blogger and blogging is your passion.
  2. You are doing hard work in your blog because with passion you want to earn some money from your blog, right.

But after using google AMP if your revenue will down then it is necessary to disable the google amp from your blog. So, for this reason, I disabled google AMP from my blog. You need to disable accelerated mobile pages from your WordPress blog.

Now I will tell you some more points that I was facing after enable the Google AMP in my blog.

Some Disadvantages of google AMP

  1. Please forget it that speed is one of the important ranking factors. If your blog has the fastest loading speed with bad layout design and after implementing the AMP if your blog facing so many issues then it is better to disable the Google AMP from your blog.
  2. If you have 1000 pages in your blog then which AMP pages properly work or not you can’t decide. Even Google search console also have some limited information about google AMP pages. Google search console is not enough to analyze AMP pages.
  3. After enabling AMP you need to work hard. All blogger are not technically strong. Most of the beginner blogger need to work hard. You cant show Google Adsense Ads, Comment box in an AMP page. After using AMP you will not be getting any benefit.
  4. As a blogger, I am using many plugins for different types of work. So that my readers feel comfortable. But in AMP plugin have not any good theme and extra good plugin.
  5. SERP point of view the Google AMP is not a ranking factor. Yes this Google AMP is very good for a beginner blogger. It increases the loading speed. But who use it for a long time they definitely notice the disadvantages of it.
  6. AMP is not necessary to increase the loading speed. You can speed up your blog by optimizing it.

How to disable Google AMP for WordPress?

Disable the google AMP is not a very easy task. If you want to disable the AMP then don’t uninstall AMP-WP plugin directly. Don’t redirect your AMP pages URL. If you are doing these task then you will be facing some AMP errors.

Google search AMP pages by rel=”amphtml” link.This link will be placed inside the header section of your site.

The interesting fact is you can no index your amp-pages without affecting your user. You can remove amphtml code from header section so that google bot will understand that you have not any AMP-pages. After doing no-index of amp-pages google will no-index those pages.

After uninstalling Google AMP plugin from your WordPress blog google will consider all AMP pages as a duplicate page. So before you disable the Google amp make sure that you no-index all the amp pages first.

How to disable AMP pages without affecting SEO?

Here I will tell you to step by step process for disabling google amp. If you follow all the steps sequence wise then you can easily no index all the amp pages from google.

  • At first, remove rel=”amphtml” from all the pages.
  • Set no-index for all google amp pages.
  • Redirect all the amp pages to the non-amp page.

Yes, this simple method will work properly. So know all the method in details.

Step 1 : Remove rel=”amphtml” from the header.

Here we will use RegEx to remove rel=”amphtml” from the WordPress HTML output.By using the RegEx we can match the string and can replace with the desired value.

At first, install a WordPress plugin that will help.

  1. Install the plugin called Real-Time Find and Replace and activate it.
  2. Now  go to your WP dashboard and click on tools>>Real-Time Find and Replace

Google amp disable

  1. Now click on add to start the process
  2. Now click on find box and add this code <link rel=”amphtml” href=”(.+)”>
  3. Click on RegEx to tick the checkbar.
  4. Keep blank inside the replace field.
  5. Now click on update setting.

Disable google amp

Step 2: No index set up for AMP pages

This is a very important part of the whole process through which we can stop to index all the duplicate pages. Because when you replace the rel=”amphtml with the blank pages at the time Google will consider amp pages as a duplicate page.

Now if you want to no-index all the amp pages from google search then follow all the steps given below.

  • Open wp amp plugin
  • Now go to the seo section
  • Now add this meta tag(<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,follow”/>) into the head section.

How to disable google amp

Note:  Your Non-AMP pages will not affect your ranking factor.

How to non-index AMP pages first?

If you want to de-index your amp pages from google, you can use google search console it will help you.

  1. Go to google search console and click on your site property.
  2. Open your sitemap and resubmit it.
  3. Now, wait for 5 to 6 days till google will deindex your amp pages.

amp disable

How to check no index status?

If you want to check the de-index status of your amp pages then follow the steps carefully given below.

  1. At first, open the Google search console
  2. Click on accelerated mobile pages inside search appearance.
  3. Now you will see this types of interface given below.


Google amp disable

What you can do after completely no index of amp pages?

  1. Now you can uninstall Wp AMP plugin
  2. Now finally you need to redirect all your amp pages into non-amp pages. So that your visitors will not get any types of 404 errors.
  3. Now go to Yoast seo>>tools>>file editor>>.htaccess and paste the code given below.

# Redirect from AMP to the non-AMP path
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} (.+)/amp(.*)$
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/wp-content/(.*)$
RewriteRule ^ %1/ [R=301,L]

After adding the code click on save changes to save the code. If you have any problem regarding this then feel free to ask me I will try to solve your problem.

If you want some revenue then you must disable google amp 2018. Nowadays if you want google amp turn off for your browser then you can disable Google amp iPhone, disable google amp safari, disable amp google android, disable amp google news, disable amp google search, disable google amp viewer from your blog.

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