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E-commerce payment system and digital payment system Paytm launched their first credit card on 14th May 2019. The name of the credit card is “PayTM First Card”.Here you will know some benefits of it.

Paytm launched this first credit card with the help of City bank. Here I will tell you some big and important unknown things about it that you don’t know. So let get started and know about PayTM Credit Card 10 Big Things.

After started PayTM payment bank it was launched debit card and now It launched the new big thing that is credit card first.

Basically, the e-commerce company Paytm and city bank together launched this credit card.

10 Big Things About PayTM First Card Benefits

So let’s know about why this fast credit card is so important and its benefits.

  1. This first card will be accepted in India and all the country of the whole world. The previous debit card is only accepted in India.
  2. In this case, you will not have to pay any Rs.500  extra. But if you spend less than 50000 rupees a year, then you have to pay an extra 500 rupees.
  3. Company promise that they will give Unlimited 1% Cashback with this PayTM the first card. The cashback amount will be credited in your account every month. You do not have to pay any extra money for this.
  4. You can get all the transactions details of it under PayTM First Card Passbook inside the PayTM app.
  5. You can be shopping on EMI with the help of First Card.
  6. If you are an existing customer, then you are able to apply for PayTM first Credit Card form your PayTM App.
  7. In the First Card, you can see the logo of PayTM, Citibank, and VISA.
  8. PayTM credit card customer will get a promo code of Rs.10000.When you can spend 10000 rupees within 4 months of the card, you can apply the promo code of this 10000.
  9. PayTM has teamed up with Citibank to create a platform through which the company will identify potential users and decide whether a credit card can be issued or not.
  10. PayTM First Credit Card has nothing to do with the PayTM First Loyalty program. It totally depends on the behavior of the customer. If the company gets satisfied with the behavior of the customer then they will give the First card to Benefits the particulars users.

This was 10 great things about Credit Card and the benefits of the first card.

If you have to use Credit Card then you must be aware of these 10 characteristics of it.

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