Top 5 Programming Android Development Tips: Android Beginners Guide

Programming Android Development Tips: Android Beginners Guide: In this article, I am going to tell you about top five tips that every beginner as an android really wants to read Programming Android Development Tips: Android Beginners Guide.These steps help you quite a lot if you are struggling in learning android or you are on the midway of learning android.Now if you are getting started with the android this is the most important article you should read.

Programming Android Development Tips: Android Beginners Guide:-

Hey Android  developers lets start with tips number one

  1. Stable Internet :

You want to do this, You want to get a stable internet connection in order to learn android.Now I am not saying it this because you might want to explore a lot of things of your own or maybe you hang around at StackOverflow to explore a lot of problems that you are facing.This is regarding the installation of the stuff.

Now when you install android studio this is very important that you should have a stable internet connection and by the terms stable internet connection I don’t mean to say that you should able to watch youtube video constantly.

This is not at all a test for constant internet connection.Usually, I have seen the mobile internet connection that you are using the mobile network is not at all stable and the end of the installation of the android studio you might face the problem like the issue of connection reset.This means your internet was not good enough to provide a constant stable internet connection.

While installing the android studio and thus you have to face the problem.So do not install android studio while you are on to some mobile network.

I am not saying that this is true for every kind of country and every possible student.Because a lot of students are lucky and able to install an android studio on mobile network as well but this is not the always case.Usually, in ninety percent(90%) of the situation, android studio want to have the greatest things and that things are only possible when you have a stable internet connection.So this stable internet connection will solve a lot of your problem.

So go ahead get yourself like a broadband or go to a cyber café or sum universities so that for few hours still the android studio will install properly and a simple hello world application of Android is being run.You have a decent and good stable amount of internet connection.

This is super important and the most asked question on entire internet of the android.If you are able to watch youtube videos constantly does not means you have a stable internet connection from your mobile phone.Because when you watch youtube videos it is not been buffer like instantaneously.

It stored a buffer on your computer and that allows you to watch the videos even if there is not a stable internet connection.I do not know why this happens android studio should pack up everything and should be delivering that gradle. Whenever there is going to be an upgrade in gradle its just upgrade all the time from 2.1 to 2.3.If you have that update again you need to be a stable internet connection.

Programming Android Development Tips: Android Beginners Guide

  1. Latest and Original:

This the most important things, get yourself original as well as latest things.Now I have seen the people download the android studio like one month ago and want to install that this is not working because of android studio updates quite frequently and especially the gradle upgrade is quite frequently.

So you might get yourself the latest build of java and the latest build of android studio as well this is super important.

On top of that what important is your operating system as well.Whether you using a mac make sure its updated the latest version.Coming onto the windows part here the student face most of the issues.

Because windows just rolled out updates without given any noticed and updates all most every single week.Make sure you have fully properly updated.Again a separate issue I am not saying you are doing it but a lot of students do that.

A lot of students using windows without having any license or original activation key.This is not at all good for android application development.

Because pirated windows usually not updated properly and it is not good for latest release android studio.Android studio comes with the updated operating system either it is mac or windows do not matter.

Some student using windows 7 duplicate version and crying hey, my android studio not working well.So make sure you get yourself proper and original.

If you are not able to buy original windows get you ubuntu or maybe the fedora.These are free operating system and if you can not afford something that means probably you are not in a strong need of that.So install ubuntu android studio work flawless in Ubuntu as well.

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Programming Android Development Tips: Android Beginners Guide:

Programming Android Development Tips: Android Beginners Guide
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  1. Too much Java:

Android is totally designed and just works on java.Yes, there is kotlin as well,  react native as well as well.Let’s talk about the maturity of the people, what they understand and what they see.

They always try to learn java like incent amount of java.Let me be honest with you too much of the java is not make you an Android developer.Yes although we do understand that in android most of the code written in Java and Java used in designing all those applications.

I have seen a lot of people just learning java, java, and java.If you want to stay with java forever you not need to learn android.If you are comfortable with loop, function, class, object and couple of staff like that you completely ready to move into Android.Working in android and working in Java are completely two deferent things.

Although they are interchangeably used they are completely deferent things.There are a lot of things lot of ways that you do in the Android and learn them in Android itself.You do not learn them in java.especially the GPS things are been done in Android itself.

They have no relation with java.So do not just hang around too much java if you want to become an android developer.

Java is awesome but if your goal is want to become an android developer make sure you switch from Java to Android as quickly as possible.Yes, many of your solutions will be available in Java and you will be implementing them in android yet I am fully confident that you understand loop, function classes.

You will be able to understand that code and do all of your androidish things on android.So do not too much focus on java.You are completely ready, get that confidence and move into Android.

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Programming Android Development Tips: Android Beginners Guide:-

  1. Get version 1:

It is the most important things.As soon as you learn android your first goal should be reaching to the google play store.Your application might be a little bit or maybe a simple one.But reaching it on to an actual device as well as google play store really gives you a lot of confidence.And again your friend and your family might be saying that hey this is a crappy application I don’t like it but this is super important for you.

If you want to learn or work on anything on any particular application you have to spend a lot of time on it.It’s not like that within today’s or a month you want to be extreme on that.You need to spend a lot of time with the application, enhance its feature, compatibility, speed, everything.But again the most important part is version one(1).If there is not any version 1, what you will be working on.

Make sure you have a version 1 to work.Now usually what the beginner does and there is nothing wrong in that.Try to learn and explore the variety of option they can find on Android.

Now sticking with just one application calling it version 1 and doing everything on that application is not as sufficient for beginner.Especially the beginner although Please ahead creates and explore the variety of application.

Some application might be using camera, audio.Some of them might be using GPS or firebase or something like that.So make sure you explore varieties of the option as a beginner.

Once you understand all the aspect of the majority of features like shake feature or maybe an animation or maybe firebase then you can move on your very first mega skill application. If you really want to do so.

Programming Android Development Tips: Android Beginners Guide:-

Programming Android Development Tips: Android Beginners Guide
Source-Pixabay Programming Android Development Tips: Android Beginners Guide
  1. Spoon Feeding:

This is the most important and actually, this is the eventual part where you get out of your comfort zone.Now you might be learning android from online, from a book or from any offline store.

Now, whenever the instructor going to teach you something he gives you all the assignments and everything.You do those assignments, follow the structure and that awesome that’s really amazing.whatever the app the instructor will teach you that can be anyone it’s not gonna be flawless.

Your job is to make the application which you are using for testing purpose it should be better.Your job is to create your won idea make that application as flawless as a possible.No body can teach you in any course, any book or may be any offline Bootcamp as well.

This is the thing that you have to come up by yourself.This is known as getting read of spoon feeding.Anyone everywhere cannot teach you everything.In fact, this is the truth the application if you really want to wish it is your creativity in your amazing head.

So make sure you understand that there is no book, no stack overflow that can actually give you exact code that looking up to implement.When you will be working on an android app maybe you are an entrepreneur and want to design your own idea.

Maybe you want to work for a company or maybe you want to work as a freelancer whatever that cases that will be the time when you completely on to your own.

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So these are the five tips that I want to give you that you become a better android developer.I want to say best of luck and I really wish that as quickly as possible your apps reaches to the google play store.

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