How to Schedule Blog Posts in WordPress and Blogger

How to Schedule Blog Posts:- If you are a blogger then you should know that how to schedule blog posts and what is the importance of publishing a blog post in a blog and update them and what is the benefits, right?

So that our blog visitor will be increasing day by day. Our blog ranking should be increased and This should be good for SEO.

So you must have some knowledge about schedule blog posts if you are a blogger.


Now many bloggers write a blog post for there blog and publish as soon as possible.

This is not a wrong way to publish your blog post.

But if you are making an article with your patience and carefully after that check the full article before publication, then choose a fixed time and publish your quality article.

So that you will get some benefits from this.


What is blog post Schedule?

Basically, a schedule is the specific timing that we are using to save our time.

We are using the schedule to publish our blog post in a specific time.

If we will schedule our blog post for specific date and time then the post will get published on that date and time.


What should be the benefits of a blog post schedule?

If we are scheduling any blog post then we will get more benefits. So some important benefits are given below.

  1. we can set a fixed time to publish your daily blog post. So our readers will get notified about the time of publishing a new blog post.
  2. If somehow one day we are very busy or not in our home or office and cant publish a blog post. So at that time, we can use the schedule. We can schedule the blog post for getting published on that day. We will get visitors without working on that day.
  3. If we are set a fixed time and publish our blog post every day then it is a good habit. The search engine will also index our blog post very quickly. So, for this reason, we need to use a scheduling system for publishing our blog post.


Best time to publish your blog post

Publishing a blog post with a right time is best options for getting more visitors.

So you need to take care of your time that you publish your blog post.

The best suitable time to publish your blog post is that time when your blog getting more visitors, right?


You check that when most of the visitors coming to your blog by using Google Analytics tool.

So when your blog will get more visitors, or start coming visitors at that time or sometime before you can publish your blog post.


How to schedule a blog post for automatic publishing?


If you want to schedule then there have a schedule option beside the post editor. Where we can schedule our blog post by selecting time and date. Then the post will be published automatically according to your selected schedule.


How to Schedule Your Posts in Blogger?


Step 1:  After writing the post click on the schedule button have the right side of you.

schedule blog posts

Step  2: Now select the date and time of your choice.

schedule blog posts

Step 3: Now click on the publish button. Don’t worry the post will be published based on your selected schedule.

schedule blog posts

How to Schedule Your Posts in WordPress?


Step 1: At first, you need to write your complete post after that go to and click on edit beside of publish immediately option.

schedule blog posts

Step 2: Now select the date and time of your choice and click on ok.

schedule blog posts

Step 3: Now click on schedule.

schedule blog posts | schedule blog posts WordPress

How Do You Schedule a Post in WordPress?

How to Schedule Blog Posts

Finally, your post is scheduling and will be published according to your selected date and time.

You can read here about schedule blog posts of WordPress.

Please check your blog time zone before doing a schedule. If your blog timezone is not set properly then your scheduled post will be published on a different time based on your blog time zone, that is not set by you.

You can use WordPress schedule posts plugin. Here you can get the best WordPress post scheduler plugin.


So, friend, this is the procedure through which you can set your schedule to publish a blog post. You need to follow a blog schedule planner, make a plan and follow it.

If you have any queries regarding this then comment below. I will try to solve.



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