Yono Sbi Mobile App: How to use Yono Sbi Mobile App

Yono Sbi Mobile App: How to use Yono Sbi Mobile App: The State bank of India launches a new mobile app known as Yono Sbi mobile app.Full form of yono is “You only need one”.This article for those people who don’t know how to transfer money from yono app? so if you are one of the person among them and want to know how to use sbi yono app then read this article carefully because it will help you.

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Any mobile user can open an account by this yono app even if there is no valid account available in state bank of India.

Different types of many facilities and many useful services you can get by this yono sbi mobile app.You can get credit card service, loan facilities only you need to follow some basic rules by the state bank of India(SBI).

Also, you can access many types of utility services like mobile recharge, bill payment, money transfer like this.

Yono Sbi Mobile App
Only you need to register with the yono app after that you are able to login to the yono sbi mobile app.

After login into the yono app, you are able to create a savings account in this app with sbi.
You can use this yono mobile app for transfer money to another bank account and get other interesting facilities.

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This yono sbi mobile app also available for Android and also available for Iphone both operating system.You can use this sbi new mobile app yono with both platforms.

State bank of India deals with many companies like Amazon, ola, myntra, jabong, uber like this.
You can access all types of services like shopping, entertainment like this by using this Yono sbi mobile application.

Also, you can access medical service, food service, grocery service, health, personal care service, by using this yono mobile app.

How to use yono sbi mobile app|How to login yono sbi|How to register in yono app|How to register yono app?

If you are a customer of state bank of India then click on go to your account.
If you are using internet banking click on internet banking and give your username and password then click on submit button.After that, you are logged in.
If you have not any internet banking account then click on Account details.
Click on ok.
Give your ATM card no. and atm pin.
Then click on submit button.

Yono Sbi Mobile App
After that, you get a user id and a password by YONO mobile app and you are able to login into Yono app.
If you are not a Sbi customer means even id does not have any state bank account you are also can use this Yono mobile app to following this step.
Click on open a new digital account.

Then click on the Digital savings account.

Click on apply new.

Please keep your Aadhaar card number and pan card number with you for opening a new digital account.

Yono sbi mobile app provides you a single account but you can convert it into any joint account by asking to nearest sbi branch.

Here in the yono app you can also choose and select your home branch of sbi.

How to use yono sbi app?

Yono sbi mobile app also provides you a chequebook and atm card.

You can access one yono digital sbi account by one mobile number and one email account.

You can also get more information by installing the yono sbi mobile app on your mobile.

You can also create an insta savings account by click on apply now button.It also have the same process.


So I think you learn about how to use yono app and how yono sbi works and now you can easily transfer money using yono sbi.

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